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Kafli úr bókinni

Hér að neðan er efnisyfirlit verksins


1.      Norse Iceland. Discovery, Settlement, and Vengeance (874‒999)

o   The discovery of a distant land

o   An emergent society

o   Law and order, honor and hate

o   ‘The Viking spirit’

2.      Catholic Iceland. Consolidation, Conflict, and Flux (999‒1550)

o   Christianization and consolidation

o   Civil war and sagas

o   Foreigners and Icelanders

o   Heroes and villains

3.      Danish Iceland. State, Cold, and Stagnation (1550‒1786)

o   Reformation and severity

o   Absolutism, monopoly and aristocracy

o   The ‘little ice age’, epidemics and eruptions

o   Dark days, evil Danes

4.      Iceland Emerging. Optimism, Confidence, and Old Meets New (1786‒1902)

o   Dawn

o   Fighting Danish rule

o   Cod or sheep? The collapse of the old order

o   ‘The struggle for independence is over’

5.      Iceland on its own. Progress, Class, and Fragility (1902­­‒1940)

o   Home rule and sovereignty

o   Class, ideals, radicalism

o   Iceland’s ‘industrial revolution’

o   The end of isolation and ‘the revolution of the mind’

6.      American Iceland. Internationalization, Welfare, and Love (1940‒1994)

o   ‘The good war’

o   Politics, nature, economy

o   Personal freedom in a welfare state

o   ‘The unsinkable aircraft carrier’

7.      European Iceland. Integration, Excess, and Collapse (1994‒2012)

o   Goodbye America, hello Europe

o   ‘The Icelandic Economic Miracle’

o   Collapse


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